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The quotes comparison process allows to obtaon full set of auto insurance policy providers have implemented tools that enable you to get a quote online. Such features make websites much more useful as you can get an idea of what the cost of annual insurance may be like in your case. Yet it may not be very convenient to ask multiple companies to get a quote, and it can also be time-consuming. To eliminate such things hindering the process of obtaining an auto insurance policy, special services were introduced.

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One of such services is Ever Quote. This flexible and free-of-charge tool lets you get a list of offers from major insurance providers and compare quotes to choose a plan that fits your needs later. You can use it for car, home, and life insurance quote comparison. The service provider cooperates with an impressive range of reliable carriers, agencies, and other insurers, including Mutual Liberty, AllState, Progressive, etc.

Compare quotes online on auto insurance

As to the latter, it also has an online tool designed to help you compare auto quotes. You can even select the coverage package featuring all the options you consider appropriate.

Besides, there are many other similar services such as compare and thezebra.

If you still want to stick to the traditional way of comparing quotes, we recommend you to follow these steps:

  • Carry out car insurance company comparison. Consider the financial rating and complaint ratio if the companies you have got quotes from. Three or four will do.
  • Don’t forget to take into account your current situation (moving, getting married, etc.) that may affect your premium amount. All information provided to insurance companies should be up-to-date.
  • Check what coverage types are featured in the plans you are considering. Make sure they take into account every aspect you want it to cover and find out whether there are limitations which are not obvious.
  • Consider raising deductibles if you’ve got resources to cover them. Investing savings in higher deductibles is likely to grant you lower premiums. Among the features which affect the cost more than others: these include comprehensive/collision coverage.
  • Think about what discounts you may qualify for. In most cases, you can get a policy at a reduced price if you bundle auto insurance with different policies that may include home insurance, life insurance, etc. Other ways to get a discount on a car policy is to be a good student, complete a special safe driving course, and many more. You can opt for a pay-per-mile payment pattern if you do not use your vehicle often.
  • Find out what payment options are available. Certain (or, better to say, the majority of) payment options imply significant fees, so it can help you save money if you check whether the insurer you are interested in accepts the payment type which is the most optimal for you.
  • Compare the so-called fine print. You are likely to prefer insurance companies which specialize in tailor-made auto insurance rates for the so-called high risk drivers or other driver categories which may find it difficult to find an insurer that would be ready to offer affordable products to those who have a driving record which isn’t flawless, who are young drivers or seniors, and those who have poor credit history. Besides, don’t forget to check whether you can lend your car to someone else, whether there are limits on drivers who have the permission to use your vehicle, and limits there are in terms of rental/new cars: some insurers provide policies which automatically apply to new cars for a rather short period of time which still makes it more convenient to handle your policies.

All these tips are aimed to help you assess all aspects of the quotes and policies you are offered so as to build a custom solution and ensure that your policy-to-be will fit your needs.

Among the major US auto insurers are Progressive, the AllState insurer, State Farm, one of the industry leaders called Geico, and Farmers. These companies have comprehensive coverage, including various discounts and additional products which may enhance your policy and help you build a solution that would cover your own or rental car.

So, here are the general tips on how to carry out auto quote comparison:

  • Try using special services designed to let you know about the offers of local insurers that meet your requirements.
  • If you want to compare quotes manually, don’t forget to take into account possible discounts, company ratings (financial), payment means and other parameters which may vary to a great extent. Get quotes from at least 3 companies. The more variants you get, the more comprehensive your general impression gets.
  • You can opt for major companies’ solutions to get as many options as possible. Besides, the reliability level also matters if you want to have extensive coverage.
  • Look for companies which specialize in special categories of drivers, if you have reasons to think that you will be offered auto policies at a higher price due to poor driving record or other reasons.
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