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You are here to get the most competitive price in such a large metropolis like New York. Current average price on auto insurance in NY is between $1,100 and $1,500 and average monthly cost of policy is around $110. There are huge amounts of protection levels for your vehicle, that is why you may add them as needed. Let's quickly check all the main points of the policy before you ask quote for your area by zip code.

Auto Insurance Requirements in NY

There are minimal requirements which should be applied before driving in New York. First step is registering of your car and obtaining license plates. You get personal injury protection, named as PIP, that cover medical expenses in any accident case. This coverage is spreads on drivers and passengers which were involved. Also the policy should include liability protection that covers damage to any other side of accident, it may be policy for damage to the car or any construction. In addition, there is Uninsured Motorists cover. It pays in case of uninsured driver is involved in accident. So, here are 3 levels of protection in New York state which will be in your auto policy.

What Quotes in New York

So, now you know about average quote of $1100-1500 for NY state. Different companies will give you various quotes, depending on brand and city of NY state. The quote in New York city will be over $1,500, up to $2,000. This rate gives you Allstate and Geico companies. For example, quotes in Bronx, New York city districy, may up to $5,000 depending on company and average is $4,000. Such districts as Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Hempstead have quotes between $2,500 and $4000. So, here you may see that quotes are different and New York city will provide you more expensive rates than cities of NY state. We will provide your competitive price, that is why you may enter your zip code and find out our auto insurance deals and offers.

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