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Mercury Insurance Group NYSE: MCY is an American automobile and property insurance company, provides auto and home insurance quotes including health and life policies. Headquartered in the city of Los Angeles, CA. It was founded by George Joseph in 1962, and developed rapidly in the 1960s. The company is a publicly owned firm that operates in 14 states, and offers a variety of products such as personal auto, homeowners insurance, commercial auto, personal umbrella, mechanical breakdown, different commercial coverage packages At present, Mercury has assets in the billions, an A+ rating according to financial rating services. Independent surveys show that Mercury has some of the lowest rates available. The provider is known for financial stability, average customer satisfaction. Anyway, if you are here, you have unique possibility to get our rates online and compare them with Mercury Ins Group, American Family, Esurance etc.

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Auto protection is designed to protect you, your family, and your car. With it you can be sure that your financial assets are protected in the event of an accident, and you will still have a running means of transport. You should choose our best deals online, auto assurance coverage sufficient to safeguard your interests and security. Mercury Ins Group's value-added auto assurance coverage also helps to protect against various damages, expenses, inclusively those related to property damage or injury for others (liability), damage to your car (comprehensive and collision), injuries to you, which were caused by another driver (medical expenses). If necessary, you can also take advantage of rental car coverage. In some states, if you buy Towing and Labor Costs Coverage, roadside emergency assistance is available. Everyone has his own needs, so choose auto coverage online that best fits your interests and requirements.

Our deals, like Mercury, offer the following auto assurance discounts for you to save money: good driver, multi-car, anti-theft, occupational, good student and affinity discount (being a member of certain groups). It is quick and easy to get a free auto insurance quote online. With Mercury you can easily trace all your transactions and manage your account online. The Mercury company provides 24x7 support, knowledgeable Mercury agents are ready to give all necessary assistance.

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Cheap Mercury home and auto insurance policies

We provide comprehensive homeowners insurance for those customers who want to protect their dwelling from various unforeseen events. You may compare our rates online with Mercury Ins. Group. No matter if it is a home, condominium or rental apartment, the company offers coverage specifically tailored to one’s needs. Mercury home assurance products include a variety of coverage, such as liability coverage, protection against the cost of damage of your home, loss to your personal property, additional living expenses if your dwelling becomes untenable as a consequence of a covered loss. You may compare our quotes online with State Farm Insurance also to know how much you can save. Both of these companies have local branches in all states and almost in all major cities.

Homeowners assurance policy from Mercury gives you an opportunity to widen your home coverage, involve a seasonal or secondary apartment with scheduled coverage for personal property. The required conditions to insure the home property are the following: it must be owner-occupied, a 1 or 2 family dwelling, and used only for private residential aims. This policy is intended for dwellings up to $1,000,000 in replacement cost. The residents of California, other states have a right to purchase this product. For qualified homeowners policyholders there are a few discounts available. Besides, Mercury gives several benefits to eligible customers, including homeowners policy replacement cost coverage, the traditional dual-policy discount. But here you can receive a free home insurance quote online or consult a direct agent.

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