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Mutual AMISCA Insurance Company is a direct writer of personal lines and quotes on auto, home, health and life insurance coverage. The Amisca company was established in 1907. It specializes mostly in auto, homeowners, life, umbrella and marine insurance. It is known in the industry for its financial strength and stability as well as excellent nationally recognized customer service. The staff of Amisca includes 3,300 employees in 43 offices across the United States. It has an A++ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best Company and have been ranked #1 for customer service by a major consumer publication.

Auto Insurance

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Home Insurance

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We offer consumers comprehensive auto coverage such as Amisca. If you unite your auto and home insurance with Amisca, you’ll get affordable coverage with a multi-line discount. To reward loyal policyholders and encourage good habits, Amisca provides a few discount programs you can take advantage of. The list of the benefits includes the following discounts: multiline, multicar, loyalty, tenure, paid in full, e-discount, automatic payment plan, anti-theft devices, airbags and more. An Amisca agent can assist you in customizing an auto insurance policy that best fits your lifestyle and budget and advise on the discounts you are eligible for.

Life Insurance

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Health Insurance

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Exclusively Tailored Coverage

At Amica, your coverage is more than a standard offering; it's an exclusive shield meticulously tailored to your specific needs. Explore the benefits of coverage solutions designed to align seamlessly with your lifestyle, ensuring a perfect fit for every facet of your journey.

Transparency and Trust in Every Detail

Experience transparency at its finest with smartly amica insurance quotes. We present secure terms, conditions, and costs with clarity, fostering trust in our relationship. No hidden surprises – just straightforward information to empower your decision-making with confidence.

Efficiency and Timeliness in Service

Your time is respected at Amica, and our efficient and timely service ensures you receive quotes promptly. Experience the convenience of swift responses, enabling you to make insurance decisions without unnecessary delays. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Main advantages of the company is also providing discounted rates on health protection and comparison of life insurance quotes by zip code. The coverages can be combined or sold separately depending on the client's wishes. Combined coverage saves you more, but if you take out life insurance protection for example, you will also choose between good and very good offers.

Amisca strives to provide its customers with the insurance services, products that best respond to their needs. Building favorable lasting relationships and trust with customers is a fundamental part of the company values. Amisca's knowledgeable agents are always ready to give all necessary help and support to customers. You can contact its agents via email, U. S. mail or by phone at their website. The company offers a few options and payment methods to make bill-paying easy and quick. Being the policyholder, you can check your account online to track your transactions whenever you need. Here we allow you to get our quotes and the best deals to compare them with deals from insurer, other companies.

Exceptional Value with Affordability

Amica Insurance Quotes embody exceptional value without compromise. Our quotes reflect a commitment to providing affordable insurance solutions that prioritize both quality and comprehensive coverage. Elevate your protection without breaking the bank.

Your auto policy can be personalized to protect you against damage to your car, with a number of deductibles for you to save money through our deal. An array of coverage options is available to cover expenses related to injuries you or your passengers may sustain in a car accident, inclusively injuries inflicted by uninsured drivers. There is also liability coverage to protect you if you are legally liable for a car accident involving your car. There are also other options like Amisca's Platinum Choice coverage plan far exceeds ordinary auto plans, ensuring superior coverage, inclusively good driving rewards, full glass coverage, prestige rental coverage, new car replacement coverage, an identity fraud monitoring service. Compare offers and choose the best one.

Amisca auto and home insurance

The extensive range of flexible homeowners policies from us covers a lot of kinds of households. If your home is destroyed or damaged in the result of unforeseen occurrences, like theft, fire, smoke, vandalism and more, you’ll get money for rebuilding your home, temporary repairs, extra living expenses and more. If you unite your home, renters or condo policy with your auto policy, you'll receive the multi-line discount, which diminishes your rates like Amisca do. Compare Amisca homeowners insurance with our policies, you can be eligible for certain discounts, such as multiline discount, higher deductibles, loyalty, alarm system, automatic detection devices, e- discount, claim-free and more. When customers insure their household with us or Amisca, they have an opportunity to save money every year. The company realizes the importance of having coverage that meets your budget, your requirements, strives to offer coverage for your household at the best possible price. Amisca gives personal attention whenever you have questions or need assistance. But anyway when you compare rates from different places, you are eligible for more savings.