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Consumers look for benefits with quote from Costco on auto, home or life insurance policies. A major retailer, Costco, offers Home, Auto, and Life policy services to its members. The services are provided with the help of Ameprise, a Costco partner insurer, and the Protective company (the former provides Auto&Home Insurance, whereas the latter offers Life Insurance). Coverage options may vary depending on membership type. Compare Costco auto insurance rates to find out how much you can save on policy.

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Costco member insurance features may depend on the type of membership, e.g. if you are an Executive Member, you get extra benefits. Get more valuable offers & rates like progressive quotes.

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  • Life Ins. Costco members get up to twenty percent in savings, and if you happen to be a holder of an Executive membership card, you are eligible for saving more than that. Protective has developed a special plan for Costco members which is characterized by the following features:
    a) You can cancel your life policy at any time; no fines or charges are implied.
    b) You can alter the death benefit specified by you; such an option may come in handy when the need for a more significant sum of money arises, for instance, when you are going to have one more baby.
    c) Executive members are provided with more opportunities to save.
    d) Online application makes obtaining a policy easy and convenient.

    For the first five years of policy holding, you will be offered a reduced rate. When the starting period expires, the rate will be moderately increased and maintains this level for the period your policy remains valid.

    Benefits may vary too as elderly couples and those who have just married have different needs. Under Protective insurance conditions, you get the benefit range of $100,000 to $5,000,000. If you decide to change the benefit to be paid upon your death, you can do it at any time. Among the factors which are often considered when calculating the needed benefit are caring for and treatment of the elderly (parents, grandparents, etc.), college tuition, mortgage, income reimbursement, and debt handling, though this list is not comprehensive.

    If you are a Costco member, the process of obtaining a Life Insurance policy follows a certain pattern: first, a company representative will call you, can talk to you for about 20 minutes – this time is needed to interview you and find out details on your medical history. Then a medical examination will follow; there is no need to go anywhere as the doctor will come to your place. In some cases, full medical examination is not needed. The next stage is underwriting a review stating the results of examination of your health. Finally, you will get a notification that your application has been processed successfully, and all the documents will be sent to your e-mail. The process of obtaining a policy may take a few weeks (it depends on your medical exam and its results, as well as on underwriting requirements).
  • Home Ins. Executive members are offered extended policies implying lockout assistance and glass breakage coverage. This kind of a policy also includes identity theft protection. A special discount is provided if you choose to insure both your house and your car. As to glass breakage, it implies up to $1000 reimbursement per occurrence, and you are allowed to use this opportunity only twice a year (if you need to have glass replaced more often, the policy will not cover it). The lockout assistance limitation is one hundred dollars per occurrence, and the frequency limitation is the same (twice a year). Another important note is that you are a holder of a renters policy, Executive membership extra features do not apply.
  • Auto Ins. Costco membership grants you a discount when applying for getting an Ameprise policy, but Executive members get even more perks such as lifetime renewability and roadside assistance. A set of discounts has been developed to reduce the costs of premiums, including safe driving discounts, a price reduction for which you become eligible upon insuring several vehicles, and bundling multiple policies. It is stated by Costco that you can save $541 on average if you switch from some other insurer. Among the special features of the policy is the opportunity to choose a facility where your car is to be repaired and a variety of discounts. Note that roadside assistance is limited to seventy-five dollars per occurrence, and lifetime renewability is not available to the clients who fail to pay premiums, move to the state where Ameprise does not operate, refuse to provide the information necessary to carry out underwriting, or if your car condition changes to a great extent.

Costco Locations

Although Costco warehouses can be found in many countries, including the USA, Mexico, Australia, Canada, France, the UK, Japan, South Korea, etc., protection services are not available in certain states of the US. For Auto&Home Insurance, it is Puerto Rico, WV, LA, AK, WY, RI, ME, and ND. For Auto ins, it is MI; and for Home ins, it is FL.

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