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Choose way to get benefits on quote from Erie on auto or home insurance policy by your selection. Erie is a large insurance company offering its services in 12 states. Life, Auto, Home and Commercial Insurance services are available to everyone ready to have coverage in order to have money to handle the unexpected issues which may arise. Besides, there are other products such as Business Insurance policies, etc. Being listed among the 500 largest U.S. companies, Erie takes pride in its client-oriented approach.

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The history of this honored company dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when Henry Orth Hirt and Oliver Grover Crawford decided to establish their own company in 1924. They both worked at the Pennsylvania Indemnity Exchange as salesmen at that time, but they were not satisfied with the way they were paid, so Erie was born.

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Like many others, they started with 10 cents which served as the ground for their business plan. They managed to raise thirty one thousand dollars needed to have Erie founded by offering people to become stockholders. Pennsylvanians believed in them, and so the company was born in April, 1925. Hirt became one of his own first clients: he insured his car. That was when Erie’s motto was introduced: The Erie is above all in service, with the word ERIE found within SERVICE.

Elevate Your Coverage: Navigating Erie Insurance Quotes for Auto or Home

Embarking on the journey to secure reliable insurance coverage for your auto or home is a crucial step in protecting your assets and achieving peace of mind. Erie Insurance, known for its commitment to customer satisfaction and comprehensive coverage, offers a seamless experience when exploring quotes for auto or home insurance. Let's delve into the process of obtaining Erie Insurance quotes, highlighting the features that make this insurer a trusted choice for discerning individuals and families.

Erie's Dedication to Personalized Protection

Erie Insurance distinguishes itself through a dedication to providing personalized and tailored protection. Whether you're seeking coverage for your vehicle or safeguarding your home, Erie's quotes are designed to align with your unique circumstances, offering a range of policies to meet diverse needs.

The company has expanded significantly over the years. And so did their list of services available. In 1934, they developed a Super Standard Auto Policy featuring options which have become standard since then.

Erie has a long history and a great desire to provide services which are as perfect as possible. In 2003, it was listed among the five hundred largest U.S. companies. Nowadays, they have more than five million policies in force and over five thousand staff members.

What Erie Offers

  • Auto Insurance. With Auto Insurance, you can cover the expenses resulting from theft, accidents, natural disasters, hail, etc. Having your car insured is considered to be a must by most Americans since repairing or replacing it on your own may be a financial challenge to many. Besides, there are insurance options for car collectors, owners of RVs and ATVs, etc, also Esurance quotes provided by another insurer.
  • Motorcycle Insurance. This kind of vehicles is prone to damage, and an insurance policy may come in Handy. Not only does your motorcycle get coverage: your riding apparel, including the helmet and other things, also gets covered, as well as paint, saddlebags, etc. It is a comprehensive one-year policy which enables you to insure all aspects of owning a motorcycle, including the medical expenses resulting from injuries (this option is not standard, and you can enhance your policy with it if you wish so).
  • Boat Ins. This policy covers a variety of boats you may have (powerboats, houseboats, etc.) and everything present on them: you, people using it with you, and the content of your boat. An accident can happen even when you are sailing, and an insurance policy of this kind can help you cover medical expenses related to such cases and reimburse the cost of the boat damaged or lost.
  • Teen Driver Protection. This category of drivers does not have much experience, so accidents happen more often. That is why Teen Driver Insurance policies are highly demanded.
  • Homeowner Insurance. A home can be damaged in a variety of ways: burglars, natural disasters, lightning, hail, and many other things putting your citadel at risk can bring you significant financial challenges which are easier to handle if you have an insurance policy designed for homeowners.
  • Life Insurance. An integral part of many Americans’ insurance policy sets, Life Insurance helps people get resources for their families to use when the policyholder passes away. Since burials and funerals have become extremely expensive (with the average cost making up around ten thousand dollars), Life Insurance is about bringing financial relief to your beneficiaries.
  • Retirement. Not all people living in the U.S. have a source of money to be used when they cease to work. Retirement planning is supposed to fill this gap: Erie offers a wide range of opportunities to plan for your retirement, including a number of annuity options enabling you to invest into your retirement and have regular income later.
  • Identify Theft
  • Business. Restaurants, manufacturers, offices, retail and wholesale, contractors and many others – all of them can benefit from having a Business Insurance Policy aimed at helping you get all or nearly all aspects of running a business covered.

Besides, there are other services available, including Flood Ins, Personal Valuables, Condo, Mobile Home Insurance, and many other options related to home, business, commercial and other types of protection. The full list of products offered features a great list of options, and it is very likely that you will find the one meeting your requirements.