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Get cheap auto insurance quotes from Good2Go and other website-based services which enables you to compare quotes. It is a solution designed to help those looking for minimum required insurance get a policy at a discount without spending much time on hunting for the best offer. The min state-required insurance may vary, and Good2Go can offer you options aimed at bringing you the opportunity to drive legally without paying much money.

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Compare insurance quotes from good2go

With over 25 years of experience, Good2Go has expanded to cover dozens of states. It is now available in 50 states of the US, including Washington D.C.

Using the Good2Go comparison tool, you can get car quotes provided by major insurers, the list of which includes State Farm (A++), Mercury Insurance (A+), Farmers Insurance (A), Esurance (A+), Nationwide (A+), Allstate (A+), MetLife (A+), Liberty Mutual Insurance (A), etc. As to the Good2Go rating, it is said to be A-, with only twenty-six complaints over a three-year period.

Comparing quotes gets easy with the website developed by Good2Go. The simple steps to need to take to get an auto quote include the following:

  • State accurate information about yourself and the vehicle you want to have covered. The information required features data on your car model/make, its usage, the kind of coverage you want to get as well as details on those who are going to drive the car: all potential drivers must be mentioned, including their education, driving record, occupation, credit rating, etc. Besides, if you have any tickets and accidents, you should let the company know about it to ensure the quote will be as close as it may be to its final version.
  • Connect to insurers operating in your area. Once you’ve filled out the form and submitted the data, you will be offered several quotes for consideration based on the ZIP code you had stated. When filling out the form, you will be asked to state your email address so that the company could send you info about the quotes that have been collected for you.
  • You will be provided several quotes which you can review separately by clicking on the corresponding link featured in the letter. You can save it for later or review every offer available to find the option that fits your needs. Once you’ve made up your mind, you can obtain the policy you like most and drive legally.

You can have a policy at a lower price if you qualify for certain discounts, the range of which may cover:

  • Defensive driving skills. Upon completion of a defensive driving course, you can qualify for an additional discount which makes up 15% (applicable to premiums).
  • If you have young drivers among those who are going to use the car, you can ask them to complete a state-approved driver’s education course in order to be able to be eligible for another discount of up to fifteen percent depending on your state laws.
  • One more ten-percent discount is available to good students attending colleges or high schools. Even if you have already graduated, you can continue using a policy provided at a discount of this kind until you reach the age of twenty-five.
  • For those who won some kind of property in which you can live (a house, a condo or a mobile home), there is a special discount of eight percent (max). If order to qualify, your property must also be located on your land. Make sure you have a document (say, property tax records or something else) to prove that you are a homeowner.
  • Even if you do not own a car, you can get a policy to have it covered. For instance, if you drive another person’s car often, you can be offered an auto policy at rate reduced by twenty-five percent.
  • More discounts apply if you have several vehicles in your household. Covering multiple autos under the same policy can help you save up to thirty-two percent.
  • Paying in full gives you an opportunity to get a significant discount of 31%.
  • If your car has been insured for the past 6 months without any lapses, you can be offered another discount (up to 40%).
  • Good2Go promotes further usage of the website and grants a 15% discount for those who prefer to renew the policy using the service.
  • If you have special safety equipment installed in your iron horse, you can have a policy at a reduced rate. For example, installing a device to block texting while driving gives you a 5% discount, and the same bonuses apply to airbag, passive restraint, anti-theft, and VIN-etching equipment.

Good2Go is a nice option for those who want to find an auto policy at the lowest cost possible. The service enables you do to it due to an extensive system of discounts, cooperation with major carriers as Ever Quote, and convenience of service usage. With Good2Go, you can avoid the quest of getting quotes from multiple insurers manually and select the offer you like most.

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