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Getting quotes online from Direct General on auto, motorcycle, life or home insurance may be more comfortable for consumers. DG offers Life and Auto Insurance services. As a specialized company, Direct General provides insurance policies for owners of vehicles, life insurance options, and Medicare assistance. As to Auto Insurance, the insurer can cover both common and commercial cars.

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  • Auto Insurance. The comprehensive nature of DG Auto ins policies enable you to build your own policy which can feature only the options you believe may come in handy. The policy implies all kinds of coverage the need for which may arise in the course of using your car. From damage liability to underinsured motorists, you can be sure DG policies have such things in mind. One of the distinctive features of this product is the option implying an accidental death benefit – should you die in an accident involving the vehicle you have insured, your beneficiary will be provided with extra $5,000. It is an optional feature with which you can enhance your policy. Another characteristic option is rental reimbursement: if something goes wrong and your car is no longer capable of taking you to the place you want to get to, the company will reimburse the costs of renting a car while your own vehicle is being repaired or replaced. Towing can also be included in the set of services your policy gives you an opportunity to use. Also you may turn attention on The General quotes which are also provided on car coverage.
  • Motorcycle Insurance. Since the state required you to insure your vehicles, a Motorcycle insuring policy is a necessary thing which enables you to get payment in case something bad happens to you, your passenger, your accident counterparts or your property. Besides standard liability coverage, DG offers towing services (within certain limits), accessory coverage, guest passenger liability coverage, spare part replacement, and even vehicle replacement. The accessories that can be included in the policy coverage may vary from radio to chrome elements. Note that this option is unavailable in North Carolina.
  • Roadside Assistance. The extensive Roadside Assistance program features all kinds of services that you may need when something unexpected happens to your car. Rather than offering standard towing services and limiting road assistance coverage, DG has developed a comprehensive plan which features mechanical help, lockout services, jump starts, delivery of gas and car liquids that you may need, map service, and, of course, emergency towing available round the clock.
  • Individual Term Life Insurance. The advantages of Term Life coverage provided by DG include affordability (since the rates start from 32 cents per day), convenience (there’s no need for med exams – all you need to do to have your health state taken into account is no answer several questions regarding your health condition), multiple policies issued for yourself, your spouse and children (if your child is eighteen y.o. or older, a written consent is required), and no extra down payments are implied if you bundle DG Life Insurance with the Auto policy issued by the same insurer. Besides, you are given the right to renew your policy for two years without changing the premium.
  • Accident med expense. This policy covers a variety of accidents resulting in injuries. For instance, if you fall off a ladder to get injured while playing soccer, you will be provided reimbursement for treatment regardless of hospital. Among the optional features are dismemberment and accidental death coverage, stroke, and cancer and heart attack coverage. DG claims that anyone can qualify as there are no health exams or periods of waiting to get your policy. The affordable rates start from $28 a month (this rate implies a $5,000 benefit).
  • Health ins marketplace. DG can help you navigate the ocean of health insurers and choose a policy provider that offers the solution fitting your needs. Besides, you can enhance it with additional dental coverage or vision policy, as well as accident coverage. Free guidance can be provided by a licensed DG agent.
  • Emergency protection. This policy aims at taking care of your expenses resulting from accidents which may happen to you. Hospital stays, dismemberment, accidental death, ambulance, mechanical first aid, auto rental reimbursement, trip planning, and other coverage types can be featured in this policy.
  • Mexico Auto Ins. Standard US policies do not cover accidents taking place in Mexico, so if you want to travel there, make sure you have a policy which remains valid, while you are staying there. Otherwise you may be deprived of the right to return to the US should you be at fault in an accident (this law is applicable even to cases when a person needs life-saving treatment!).
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