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Grange Insurance Quotes

The Grange Mutual Casuality Company, better known today as Grange Insurance provides quotes on life, auto, home and health policies, was founded in 1935. The place of foundation is Columbus, Ohio. Nowadays, Grange Insurance works ith 13 states. Such states as Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota were included in this list in 2002 after partnering with Integrity Insurance Company, which was small in size.

Auto and Home Insurance Products

Our special conditions and attitude with car and home insurance are very important for people, who value their life. But Grange also offers individual conditions of your protection. The Grange company's auto policy cover damages after accident with great amount of autos, such as trailers, trucks, snowmobiles. There is even a special offer for rental cars. Because of fact all firm's agents are very experienced, claim process and auto assurance procedure in whole leads to faster result. But here you are eligible to compare our rates with rates of other companies like farmers rates, Grange, Esurance etc. to choose the best one.

Auto Insurance

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Home Insurance

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It takes at least 5 minutes to find an agent. You can choose personal or commercial representative. Put your ZIP code into the special box on company's website. It is also easy to make a payment in order to pay back your policy. Attest your documents in case your city-state is not in list of states, submitted by the Online Payment System.

Life Insurance

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Health Insurance

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Grange auto and home insurance

With home assurance you can be sure, that you and your house is under reliable protection. For every family their home is the most biggest investment. Our deals can make you sure with the idea, that your home and belongings, and even your guests will be insured after any accident.

Besides, there are additional options of home assurance coverage for manufactured and rental homes. As conditions of home owner's comprehension can be different from state to state, it would be better to consult with local representative of Grange. The Grange Insurance is your best choice for the most reliable protection. Contact us and stay with our association for long years. We are glad to see you as our best customer!

Grange Mutual Insurance Company

If we speak about mutual assurance in general, it is necessary to say that companies with such a system of assurance are owned by policyholders themselves. All money earned are in form of dividents. There are also companies where investments belong only to their investors, without customers participating. The defenition of mutual assurance was given in England, in the 17th century. For the first time this kind of protection covered only fire losses. Nowadays casualty firms exist almost in every country all around the world. The only minus of a mutual assurance project is difficulty of rasing capital.

As for the Grange Ins, it is one of the most financially firm protection association. The company's agents can offer an individual approach to their clients, they listen to everyone and try to give all their attention to customers. Grange can give you a great amount of discounts and inspite of this this company is ready to take under protection many aspects of your life. There is car and homeowner's assurance, farm insurance, protection for renters and shopowners. And even an additional type of Grange assurance which covers losses after damage with your boat or watercraft.

The claim process in Grange Mutual Company is also made for client's comfort. The representatives give you an opportunity to choose an organization for your car repair or any shop you like to buy all things needed. The assurance firm's assistants will help you with the claim reporting giving a tip to you by phone. There are three ways to find an agent. They are: by putting ZIP code, by city and by agency name. As for independent agents, who work in Grange can offer you various products and services; or create for you a policy that includes only your individual needs.

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