Farm Bureau Financial Services

Farm bureau financial services holds strong positions in the market by offering auto, porperty, life and home insurance policy. At first, it rendered only farm liability products; later on, it added auto policies and fire protection, and then it became a multifunctional insurance company rendering a full line of services and products (Property and Home Policy, Life Insurance, Business Insurance, etc.) Nowadays it provides fair business strategies and policies to give a future growth of every insured person.

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In 1939, Farm Mutual Insurance was founded to meet needs of local farmers. As the company became bigger, services were expanded that allowed adding more facilities for other segments of people. Throughout its 60-year story, it has developed fair principles and dealing. Nowadays the company serves all categories of citizens in order to assist them in protecting their property and themselves for the future. There are about 2,200 people working here as employees and about 1,900 insurers in 15 states. In 2005, the stationary assets were about $1,400,000 million. Over the last 5 years, its operations have increased on 55%, while its assets have reached the sum of $5,000 billion.

Elevate Your Protection: Farm Bureau's Auto and Home Insurance Services

Experience unparalleled coverage and personalized service for your most valuable assets – your home and vehicle – with Farm Bureau Financial Services. As a leading provider in the insurance landscape, Farm Bureau is committed to delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to safeguarding your property and ensuring peace of mind. Let's explore the specialized offerings in auto and home insurance that set Farm Bureau apart.

Home Insurance Tailored to Your Haven

Your home is more than just a structure; it's a haven for your family and cherished possessions. Farm Bureau's home insurance is crafted to provide a shield against unforeseen events, ensuring that your dwelling and everything within it are protected. With customizable coverage options, you can tailor your policy to match the unique features and needs of your home, providing a safety net for various scenarios, including natural disasters, theft, and liability concerns.

Besides, for its great work in this sphere, Farm Bureau Financial Services was awarded with ‘A’ rating according to A.M. Best, one of the most widespread insurance ratings, and Standard’s and Poor’s rating.

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Auto Insurance. It’s needed to those who drive their own vehicle or just possess it. It can’t be described as only a convenience; it’s a real necessity if you would like to protect your investment and yourself as well. This policy includes several subgroups: for cars, motorcycles, vehicle recreation needs, farm vehicles, roadside assistance, etc. Farm Bureau Financial Services provides all products being important for drivers: from Safety Programs for young drivers to Emergency Assistance on the road.

Property and Home Policy. If your house is damaged by fire, earthquake, wind or some other circumstances, you definitely need to choose this type of insurance. It is divided into several kinds to provide more profitable conditions for various segments of the people: for homeowners, renters, condo owners, a mobile house owners, and other types of property. Whatever house you live in – condo, single-family building, rental property, etc, the insurance will cover you.

Life Insurance. The company offers three types of it to provide the most profitable conditions. Term Life Policy goes for citizens choosing a determined time of use. It provides death benefit, gives tax advantages and child coverage options. The second variant called Whole Life Policy guarantees protection for a whole life, access to your cash value, and all the benefits of the insurance mentioned above. It provides huge deals like other monsters Geico Insurance or Progressive. The third variant, Universal Life, doesn’t render insurance for a whole life, though it gives flexible premiums, death and tax benefits, access to accumulated value, and special coverage options for children.

Farm Insurance. As the company was established for farmers from the very beginning, it provides the best conditions for them in the territory. The product protects many generations of farm families. It’s also possible to combine your farm insurance with house, auto or another one to get more profitable conditions. Get one policy, one premium or just one deductible – you don’t have to overpay.

Business Insurance. It is ideal for people owning a coffee shop, bakery, cattle ranch, and so on. This policy is divided in accordance with various types of business: commercial, ag-based or home-based, compensation for your workers, benefits for employees, etc.

Health Policy. It was created to protect people from emergency situations, accidents, unexpected illnesses, and other sudden cases. It will become a resource for health protection, education, and information, that’s why this insurance covers plans for seniors, whole families, owners of business and their employees. Farm Bureau Financial Services presents 3 categories of it: income of disabled people, care insurance for a long term, and health coverage. As a result, all categories of people are taken into account.

Being a farm insurance company at first, it has developed into a brand with diverse policy plans to meet needs of holders on absolutely all stages of their life. Get a quote to estimate the coverage and premium for your particular situation. The main basis of its concept is to grow success thanks to devotion and a high quality, the working principles and effectiveness of every goal. These are real opportunities for future purposes of policyholders deciding on Farm Bureau Financial Services.